What do you get when you combine the warmth of the American songwriter tradition with the chilly melancholy of Nordic Denmark?

You get Baby Did a Bad Thing.

On a mission to make you feel something, Baby Did a Bad Thing aims straight at the heart with reflective songs of love, loss, and the coming of age.

Centered around the two lead vocalists, Eline Engholm & Jonas Fjelsted, the five-piece americana band from Aarhus offers emotional solace and musical harmony in inharmonious times.


Baby Did a Bad Thing crosses genre boundaries with vigor and ease, playing co-written songs with a dynamic musical range stretching from acoustic and intimate to full-on howling guitars and pounding drums.

Conceived in 2018, Baby Did a Bad Thing hit the ground running with shows at Danish festivals including Grimfest, Aarhus Folk Festival and SPOT Festival (twice) - all before releasing their debut album in 2020. 


The band’s self-titled debut album garnered rave reviews and saw four songs make it onto the airways of the Danish National Radio (P4 and P5) as well as "The International Americana Music Show" broadcasted across more than 30 radio stations in the USA. GAFFA, the leading music magazine in Denmark, placed the album on their annual “Top 20 Albums of the Year” list, and also pre-nominated the band “Best New Artist of the Year” at GAFFA AWARDS 2021. 

When describing their sound, reviewers reference artists such as Chris Stapleton, Lucinda Williams, Jason Isbell, Emmylou Harris and Gillian Welch. They are also in common agreement that Baby Did a Bad Thing is the type of band you owe yourself to experience live, ‘cause that’s where this type of music truly lives and breathes. See you on the road!

Thomas Friis

Casper Simonsen
Mikael Sort

Eline Engholm

Jonas Fjelsted



Guitar / Pedal Steel

Vocals / Guitar / Harmonica

Vocals / Guitar / Resonator